Taxi Web or App Based Dispatch System

We cloud-based Booking & fleet management software solution that includes offers features such as live tracking, Admin dashboard, dispatching solutions, monitoring and more. It is designed to help small and midsize Taxi or Limo business. Keep a real-time record of Vehicle from the system.

Taxi companies are many and all are subject to stiff competition. How to stand out and multiply booking requests? One solution (or almost): the Web, taxi dispatch software.

Our cloud-based system is available all over the world from your web browser. It is scalable to meet the needs of small and large companies. Without any local installation, you will always be running the latest version of our software, since updates are made instantly and remotely.

The Web, but in its entirety. On a computer, but also on a smartphone and tablet. Why? Because we are not necessarily at home when we need a taxi. Exit meeting, appointment, disco, car breakdown, strike/breakdown of transport… In these types of situations, research is urgent and if you have a mobile internet connection available, phone information is not necessarily the first solution coming to mind. For a taxi company, better be well referenced, but also have a clear mobile and effective site.

Increase your income by being located online.

Currently, customers are increasingly looking to make reservations online or from an app on their smartphone or tablet. We make sure that your company is available at the right time by offering you a passenger taxi booking, dispatch software and easily integrating our online booking form with your website. Attract corporate clients and acquire new contracts with the help of our online booking reception.


Book on the web

Easily enter the online booking form (and map) to your own website at no additional charge. We will make your website to allow your customers to instantly use a powerful and efficient booking tool.



A good option for any size of companies. Our taxi booking and limo dispatch system adapts to the individual needs of any company in all stages of growth. If your company is in the initial stage, you can start with 2 or 3 vehicles; or if your company is already established, you can do so with a fleet of more than 100 vehicles; since our solution in the taxi booking and dispatch management is flexible and solid enough to satisfy all kinds of requirements.


Text message

Keep your passengers informed by avoiding unnecessary waiting time. You can send a text message to your customers, notifying that your vehicle has been dispatched and when your vehicle is waiting outside. Get out of the ordinary and offer a personalized service to your customers.



Let yourself be found! Online reservations allow your company to be visible. We provide taxi dispatch and limo fleet software for reservations on the web as well as for booking dispatch. We integrate our online booking system with your website so that your company is visible and ready to receive reservations. We personalize our passenger software with the name of your company, your logo, and your corporate colors so that only your company will be visible when making the reservation.



Our automatic dispatch software offers several forms of vehicle clearance be it a taxi or limo or even cap. Use our smart algorithms to send services to the nearest driver using our queue area or allow your operator to manually select a vehicle. Personalize your account by configuring zones and rates. Zones can be used as an alternative allocation method, as well as queues and tariffs to set different prices.


Rates and prices

Having our booking software on your website gives the ability to create different price categories based on the time and day of the week. The categories can also be established to accommodate prices, according to the number of passengers, size or class of vehicle. Set prices per area, flat rates, and meter rates to give the most appropriate estimated price.


Generate reports

Generates detailed reports necessary for billing, payroll, and various administrative tasks. Historical list of services completed, including services canceled and rejected. Easily display the total amount of money that will be raised by each driver.


Complete control of your business from your dashboard 

No matter where you transport your business, you can remotely access and maintain complete management control in your company just from your dashboard. Use our booking and dispatch technology for historical tracking of your vehicles, fleet monitoring, and reporting.


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If you want to integrate the taxi booking system in your taxi website you can simple fillup the quick request a quote and get a quote for free.